Tauk interview and live show review

I got the chance to interview Tauk at their residency show the other night, which was fortunate because everything the day threw at me was conspiring to make me late as hell. But thanks to a cool water-taxi driver who got me across the inner harbor tout de suite, I made it nearly on time, and I was fortunate I did.

The band members were all present for the interview (how refreshing to get the WHOLE BAND’s input and thoughts rather than one half-interested member, which can happen…not naming any names). They are, in the order they were sitting around me: Charlie Dolan (Bass), Alric “A.C.” Carter (Keyboards/Organ), Matt Jalbert (Guitar), Isaac Teel (Drums).

Click the “Play” button to listen to the interview:

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It’s a lively, easy-going interview, the kind I really enjoy doing. I personally wanted to get clued in on how they formed, how they write, and their backgrounds. Turns out that three of them grew up together, and all of them are seriously schooled in music. There is certainly no coincidence that the best bands I come across typically consist of musicians that have taken the steps to get a proper musical education and background. The difference being in their seriousness, professional approach and focus.

Their live show was quite impressive, and 8×10 is the perfect small room to see them in. The place was packed well before their set as many had come out to also see Cory Henry, who played the set before Tauk, and absolutely killed it.

Tauk’s songs, at times dreamy, at other times dirty, bring the listener along on a beautifully undulating ride. They make the kind of music that fans of many genres can really tap into and enjoy. For those that appreciate well-written music played tightly by musicians that find the hook and stay there, get out to 8×10 any of the remaining Wednesdays this July. Furthermore, check out their forthcoming album Collisions when it drops July 22.

You can check them out more at: http://taukband.com/









Tauk, from Long Island, just dropped their new single–also doing a residency in Baltimore

For those of you keeping geographic score, we’ve got a band that derived their name from the same dreamy place that I named my company (Montauk Music) after, hailing from where I grew up (they’re from Oyster Bay, I am from Huntington. The two towns are about 15 minutes apart) playing a residency in the city I am currently residing in. The symmetry alone made it more or less mandatory that I go check them out live, which will happen tonight. I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing what they can do in a room. Look for a review and photos here tomorrow.

They started a five-date residency at 8×10 last Wednesday, but I wasn’t able to catch them the first time. Here’s why I’m excited (scraped hastily from their Facebook page): “The heavy NYC dirty funk 4-piece TAUK is hitting 2014 with their unique blend of experimental melodic prog rock and sexy grooves… TAUK manages to create a live show experience to match their masterfully produced recordings. The unique chemistry and relaxed-focus of TAUK’s performance is undeniable, but their ability to create immensely melodic and emotional music without a vocal lead is what continues to captivate and impress music lovers across all genres.”

For now, check out their new single, “Friction” from their new album that is dropping on July 22, titled Collisions.

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Happy July 4th – Here’s a treat for you all – Boston Strong, the song

Independence Day is here, and with it many celebrations marking our national day. A grand day for our nation, to be sure, and SurfRhythm hopes you have an excellent and safe holiday.

Silhouette Rising, a three piece rock/pop outfit hailing from Boston, sent this song our way the other day and asked us to post it up for the 4th. Said band member James DiNanno, “We are from Boston and after everything that our city has been through we thought it was time that Boston had a new anthem. More importantly, it’s an empowering song about pride, and loving your city. I think that is a message that anyone can enjoy, especially on the week of the 4th.”

Well said. Listen to “Boston Strong (Stand Up)”:

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You can also peep a short video on the making of “Boston Strong (Stand Up)


Local H is still awesome

Scott Lucas Local H Baltimore SurfRhythm.com Kevin Henline

What's purple and blue all over and rocks Baltimore?

Last Sunday marked my third excursion out catch the great Scott Lucas perform as the powerful alt-rock duo Local H. This tour has seen 14 year veteran drummer Brian St.Clair step aside to fully commit to Tour Time Productions, his tour management company, and young gun Ryan Harding is now the man behind the kit having his mettle tested by Lucas.

There was plenty of flannel about and Metro Gallery was surprisingly full considering it was Easter Sunday. I’ve always been amazed at the ease in which Scott can move about unnoticed in a venue–he always tries to catch his opening acts, slipping out in the crowd to at as seemingly just another rocker. I’m not 100% sure if he picks his openers, but whoever does always does a damn fine job. Local H’s opening bands have always wowed me, with Bad Veins quickly coming to mind as one that stood out.This time was no different. Sr., a local band from Catonsville, kicked things off this time. They have a sound heavily influenced by the 90’s in all the right places, with flavors reminiscent of The Breeders and Sonic Youth, the sort of atmosphere you need to kick things off for an act like Local H. If you missed them with Local H, you will be able to catch Sr. back at Rams Head Live with Sleeper Agent and Wild Cub on May 21st.

The Matrimonials were no stranger to the crowd and came off a little less subtle than Sr. playing a more in-your-face brand of drunken rock that left the place rowdy and ready to get what they all came for.

Now, I am going to be frank. I was worried about this set. Anyone who has listened to Local H for more than an afternoon has come to appreciate Scott’s range; his ability to go from quiet melody to a full blown scream is one of his trademarks, and with the nature of Scott’s injury, there was cause for concern. Add to that the fact that there has also been a lineup change in a 2 person band, and you have to go in holding your breath just a little. Well that sigh of relief came almost instantly. Scott sounded great, all of his range truly seemed intact. I guess all those years of never holding back have left his vocal cords far more robust than an average human, because he came out and crushed it.

As for Ryan, the kid is a beast. I’ve always felt more scrutiny falls on a duo than more traditional 3-5 person lineups. there is just less room for error, and any slip ups are all the more obvious. But the set was tight and Ryan really stepped up, even garnering a few catcalls all of his own in between songs. There is no doubt that Ryan has some big shoes to fill, but he seems humbled by the position he finds himself in, and dutiful in the execution of his responsibilities.

We were suppose to have an interview with the Scott and Ryan before the show, but the stars just didn’t align, but I did catch up with each of them for a moment, Scott promising to make our interview next time around and thanking me for not pushing the issue. All things considered, Local H doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, so expect that interview next time they are in the area.

Final word: I’m stoked to see Scott still rockin’ with the same passion and intent that he always has. It makes my world seem a little more alright that we can expect to go see Local H in 2014 and take in a great rock show.

Local H Baltimore, MD SurfRhythm.com Kevin Henline