Photographer’s rights – one case from Times Square

Photographer’s rights is an issue I have never touched upon here. However, I feel it is time to have a brief take on it for the simple reason that it is one area where our freedoms are being slowly, almost imperceptibly revoked.

In fact, there is a DC Photo Rights group on Flickr, with 673 members. I just joined because I’m quite interested in what other members have to say and show.

I was once questioned by a law enforcement officer that thought my plane spotting photo habit was odd. It was not in or around DC, it was in Wilmington, NC. Luckily I was carrying a copy of the “Photographer’s Bill of Rights”, offered compliments of Bert P. Krages Attorney at Law.

PDN Pulse (Photo District News), had a piece about a photographer harassed in Times Square in New York. For a different reason, but still the theme remains.

The only point I beg is get a copy of the photog’s bill of rights and carry it with you. It will help you if the need arises.

Get Out
Get Out by M.V. Jantzen on Flickr

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