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Jeff Schad - Montauk Music founderWhy did I start this blog? In short, I’m a writer, writing about what I know and love: surfing and music.  That’s the easy part.

The hard part. The internet surf channels are jammed with up-to-the-minute news flashes on everything and everyone surfy, cool and sponsored. The wonderful world of technology ensures that we are bombarded with surf content.

Even with all of the noise there’s still thousands of stories to be told, people to be spotlighted, eras and locales to reflect on. I’ve got my personal store of favorites that I’m excited to share, and I have at the ready many people ready and willing to deliver on the content end to keep things refreshing and interesting.

On the music side, I’ve been really turned on by the changing nature of the music industry. With connections inside the music industry, I’ve been lucky to see the change, the paradigm shift occur, which now makes it possible for bands to take their fates more into their own hands. The more they can dial into the online equation to promote themselves, the more the success rate goes up. It’s leveled the playing field, and as any talented band that worked their fingers to the bone without getting a break from a label would agree, this is a big brush off of the chin to the labels now sweating a brow in the rapid rethinking of business plans that are as extinct as the dinosaur.

I’ll be highlighting a wide range of bands and music, some new or unheard of, others more contemporary, others old, and some just plain crazy. All playlists will be articulately summarized so you know what you’re getting. But open your mind once in a while, ’cause for me it seems that the ones I expect to turn off the most end up being my durable favorites.

Jeff Schad

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  1. Check out the band Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers…might be a little light for you but they are solid and a great band…catch up with you soon.


  2. Thanks, Knuckles. Good to hear from you again. You better be gettin in the water. Remember, it doesn’t matter if its two feet or ten, it’s better out there. Stay in touch, and let’s catch a surf if we get the chance.

  3. If you haven’t already you need to check out the hiphop surf rock band Oogee Wawa, they are making waves everywhere they go. Being a band of surfers and bartenders they party hard and bring awesome energy to the stage! Hope you enjoy.

  4. Hey I met you at the local h show are you putting the photos up at any point. I know you’re probably busy but I was just curious.

  5. Yeah, I’ve checked them out before, and I really dig ’em. Perhaps it’s time for an interview for SurfRhythm.

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