Bumpin’ Uglies new EP has best title ever: Sublime With No One

BU-SublimewNoOneYeah, they went there with that title. Aren’t you glad they did? I am, because they just set the reggae/punk/rock scene back closer to a state of normalcy than it’s been in a loooong time.

If you listen to Bumpin’ Uglies enough, several things will hit you, perhaps unexpectedly to the uninitiated. First will likely be but that name! You may ask yourself, do they take themselves seriously? Is it a gimmick? What type of characters make up this band? Second will be the direct and from-the-gut lyrics lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Brandon Hardesty throws down. Third will be the characteristic humor and charm you find in him and his band, realizing that they make grooves that are immediately recognizable, memorable and loveable. Which I suspect is exactly how Brandon wants it.

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That’s not saying that Brandon doesn’t take his music seriously; he certainly does, however he holds nothing back in poking fun at himself and life in general, but it comes out right when it’s the true words boiling out. It’s just Brandon and Bumpin’ Uglies. See the final track title and lyrics for what I mean.

So it came as no surprise when Brandon contacted me to ask my thoughts about naming the next Bumpin’ Uglies release Sublime with No One. In my opinion there is no other band out there that could do something like this and have it make complete sense other than Bumpin’ Uglies. There will never be another Brad Nowell, we will never have Sublime again, especially the brutally honest and at times gut wrenching lyrics. It is something Brandon shares with the late legend, and it’s something that I applaud. Be who you are, be true, and own it. Brandon has never tried to be anything he’s not, nor has his music ever veered into places that were of questionable intent. In an age where everyone is becoming hypersensitive to words and speech they deem un-PC, Brandon flips them all the proverbial bird. And for that I am grateful.

Irreverence? Check. Humor? Check. Honesty? Check. Integrity? Check. Five new tracks of punky-reggae-dirty-rock-ska goodness from Bumpin’ Uglies? Yes please. These guys are slowly yet steadily developing legend status, mark these words: They are never going away. Sublime With No One just proves that they’ll never change, and obviously they’ll never sell out and try to be something other than Bumpin’ Uglies. Not many bands can say that…hell, not a lot of people can even say that.

Brandon and Bumpin’ Uglies approach is decidedly old school in a new school world. No pretense, no made up facade, no over-inflated sense of self-importance from them, ever. There was only one Sublime, and it should be said that there is only one Bumpin’ Uglies.

Sublime With No One track list:

  1. Warning
  2. Social Ladders
  3. Nostalgia
  4. Maturity
  5. Fuck It




Charlotte, NC reggae-funk rockers Of Good Nature release new single “Life Worth Livin”

Of-Good-Nature---Album-ArtEmaildisclaimer: Of Good Nature is a Montauk Music client. This is the press release for their new single. 

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Of Good Nature unveils the premier single, “Life Worth Livin” off of their forthcoming album of the same name, which is set for a October 23 release.

Four years have passed since their well-received debut album Just Add Water, with the band expanding from three to four members, introducing trombone into their new material. Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Cameron Brown is confident this lineup has the right dynamic and talent to exceed the success of their debut album, which garnered Nashville’s Indie Ville TV Reggae Album of the Year.

The lyric video for “Life Worth Livin” is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoLE7cSkeyU, and the track is available for purchase at http://ofgoodnature.bandcamp.com

Brown grew up learning piano from his grandmother, then picked up a guitar at 14 when he saw his brother learning to play and decided that he had to learn as well, lest he be outshined by his younger sibling. Brown and his guitar have been more or less inseparable since then, initially playing the music that strongly influenced him growing up–mostly Hendrix and the blues, but as he got a bit older reggae music made a big impression on him, to the point where Brown says, “Reggae always felt right.”

“Life Worth Livin” has the feel of a tried and true reggae jam, though Brown’s skillful blending of influential styles is evident.  The song was an easy choice for the band to choose as their first single because they feel that we as a nation have changed, and that the message will resonate with Americans who feel and see this every day and wonder what has happened. The lyrics allude to this collect shift, and that what we stand for is slowly being lost.

The song came to Brown during a writing session at his favorite spot on Lake Wylie in Charlotte, NC last summer. Ruminating on the state of our nation, the lyrics “We used to be, we the people, unity,” were written to reflect that the changes so many of us feel contradict the Constitution of the United States.

Howi Spangler, lead singer of Ballyhoo, gave the song strong praise: “The intro guitar/bass riff has that 311-shuffle vibe that I like. I dig that lazy trombone there too. I also like how the song goes more uptempo in the bridge, almost like a jam band. Then they bring it back down to finish it out. Nice to hear a solid American reggae rock song from an East Coast band. It’s very easy to get cheesy with it and these guys don’t go there with “Life Worth Livin”.”

 “Live Worth Livin” was recorded at Ocean Industries Studio in Charleston, SC, which is owned by Shinedown bassist Eric Bass. It was produced and engineered by Eric Rickert and Jeff Leonard Jr. (A song they engineered,”Cut The Cord”-Shinedown, just spent 12 weeks at #1 on the Billboard rock chart–It’s now #2.) It was mixed by Eric Rickert and mastered by Michael White.

The title track single “Life Worth Livin” is available for download 9/25 and on 10/23 the full length album will be available on iTunes and other platforms.

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About Of Good Nature: While touring the East Coast, Of Good Nature has rocked festivals such as Shamrock Fest (Washington, DC)…sharing the stage with Rock/Reggae powerhouse Sublime with Rome. During this time, the band also focused on creating and getting back in the studio to capture the new sounds and additions to the group. Their lineup is: Cameron Brown – Guitar/Vocals; Joey Vachon – Drums/Vocals; Brandon Hucks – Trombone; Jon Reed – Bass.

9 Mile Roots – Exclusive Artist Spotlight

9 Mile Roots Montauk Music Suburban Reggae

“On The Floor” Exclusive Premiere on TopShelf Reggae

Download “On The Floor” Exclusively from TopShelf Reggae

9 Mile Roots Montauk Music Suburban Reggae

TopShelf Reggae is offering an exclusive download of 9 Mile Roots’ new song “On The Floor” on their website this week, under their Artist Spotlight series. The feature and download is live at https://topshelfreggae.com/news/artist-spotlight-9-mile-roots. “On The Floor” is the band’s first single from their forthcoming album, which will be titled ReEvolve, and is set for a release later this year.

Clearly not from the islands, 9 Mile Roots are not trying to act like they are, but reggae and rock is what they feel and what they make, unapologetically bassist/vocalist Josh Behun points out, “We may not be a vision of the typical dreadlocked reggae musician that would first come to mind – but reggae music has never been about what’s on the outside – music comes from the soul – and what drives us keeps us alive.”  And when the suburbanite 8 piece hits the stage, they really turn on–their draw in and around the Delmarva area shows that, which is why they were able to secure a summer residency at the renowned Seacrets Nightclub, a legendary Eastern Shore party spot. In addition, they were recently added to the lineup for Reggae in the Park, on August 29, where they will join the likes of Damian and Stephen Marley for Philly’s biggest annual reggae festival.

9 Mile Roots consists of members Jay Randell (lead vocals/trumpet), Dave Muse (drums), Josh Behun (bass), Matt Huss (guitar, vocals), Ryan McDonough (guitar), Matt Foote (baritone sax), Casey Masters (trumpet), and Gabe Andino (tenor sax/vocals), 9 Mile Roots bring an intense and rich sound to their live performances, which seethe with an ample of amount of rock energy while keeping the reggae-tinged groove consistent throughout their favorite songs like the upbeat and uptempo “Kabuki” and the crunchy and funky “Simplify”.

9 Mile Roots Suburban Reggae Montauk Music
"9 Mile Roots is a strong collaboration of musicians pulling from very diverse backgrounds - With so many different influences crushing together with the common goal to produce lively upbeat music, our sound is best described as - rock reggae vibes with hard rock riffs, hip-hop flow, smooth brass licks and rock-steady hooks... Suburban Roots Reggae."


Website http://www.9mileroots.com/home

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/9mileroots

Twitter https://twitter.com/9MileRoots

SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/9-mile-roots

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Andrew McClatchy-Montauk Music: 484.326.4516 | andrew@montaukmusic.com<<

2015: The Year of Fiction 20 Down – Stream “New York Thing”

Fiction 20 Down, New York Thing Alternative Hip Hop

Fiction 20 Down, New York Thing Alternative Hip HopThis year, Fiction 20 Down is doing something different with their music, their content and their fans. 2015 is The Year of Fiction 20 Down, with each month bringing fresh new tracks, podcasts, interviews, videos and more.

They started right off in January with “New York Thing”, which takes on a really fresh new sound, with synth and verse being laid down to reveal their alt-hip hop talents. Every time F20D releases new material they demonstrate ever greater ability to jell as songwriters, and with that, their willingness to explore into new worlds of sound. “New York Thing” is quite an impressive start to a year that will be full of musical surprises and great new content.

Coming soon, F20D will officially announce a new contest related to The Year of Fiction 20 Down. It’s all in the name: Fiction 20 Down was originally a song written by lead singer Jordan Lally about facing his major fear of singing in public. Though he loved music and yearned to start a band, that fear kept him from pursuing his #1 dream until he faced it head on and went all-in. Had he shied from singing in front of people, Jordan’s life would be vastly different today. This year is about standing up to your fears and not backing down, boldly living the life you choose, and inspiring others to do the same. Stay tuned to Fiction20Down.com and facebook.com/fiction20down for the #yearF20D for awesome contest details coming in the next few days.