Session Fuel- Music Review- ASG

Long Beach, NY. Photo c. Jeff Schad
Long Beach, NY. Photo c. Jeff Schad

Ever gotten that feeling, pre surf, where you know that what lies out there, what you will be taking on that day, is just a notch, or several, above your every day comfort zone? Maybe it was that solid hurricane swell that sent roaming double overhead bombs to your beach, turning it into Puerto Escondido for a day or two. Maybe it was that ledging reef dishing up quick, sketchy barrels, or even that trip to the islands where it felt like the whole North Atlantic was swinging right at you.

In those cases, there’s not much choice but to choose your music to match the mood. Enter ASG. Entrenched in the metal that they have developed into a precise and savage sound, they have improved their game over the last few years, leading up to the release of Win Us Over. This album is pure fuel for the adrenaline sessions. The kind you don’t really ever forget. Here’s to more of those sessions…

Pick up Win Us Over, these smart, dirt metal devils surf too, so they know what they’re doing.

Your Summer Ballyhoo

Ballyhoo, out of Maryland, brings 18 tracks of their brand of reggae infused rock in this, their third full length release. While there’s plenty of bands trying to make this style work, Ballyhoo delivers a solid performance throughout.

These song keeps getting respooled on my music machine while driving around. Here’s a taste of some good tracks off their latest release, Cheers.

Read my review of Ballyhoo in the May issue of Eastern Surf Magazine.

Check them out! (Ed. update – March 22, 2010: I just realized that iMeem shut down all my embedded playlists. I need to get permission to post the Ballyhoo stuff back up. Working on that as we speak)