Exclusive Interview with Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION & photo gallery – DC 101 Chili Cook-Off, May 4, 2013

Ed Note: Aaron and I started talking before the interview, some of which is recorded as well. We were just talking surf jive and getting acquainted, then we rolled right into the interview with no major fanfare. (I may release the pre-interview conversation at some point in the future, we’ll have to see on that). I’ve never met a more humble and real human being that has been dubbed a superstar, and I’ve met my share. Aaron was thoughtful and revealing in his responses, giving us way more insight into him than we ever thought we would get. My favorite part is the ending, where Aaron says, “That was heavy, it was like a therapy session.” Thank you, Aaron. This is the best interview I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in. – Jeff Schad

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By Kevin Henline
At last year’s Chili Cook-Off I had to begrudgingly watch AWOLNATION from the will call booth; thankfully, that was not the case this year. This time our accommodations were a bit more… lavish. What can I say, we sat down with Aaron for almost half an hour. He only left for a meet and greet, and when he did he left us sitting there on his tour bus, with a singular order. “Only the Whiskey is off limits” he quipped as he skated off to meet the lucky fans that won meet and greet tickets. But that’s Aaron, humble and real. Trusting. He feels much more like an old friend than the massively successful frontman of an internationally-touring band that is minutes from playing in front of thousands of adoring fans. To get as much of his time as we did is something for which we are ever grateful. The interview is nothing less than legendary and is going to be the crown jewel of SurfRhythm for quite some time I imagine.

As for the show, his set was a nice cut of Megalithic Symphony but also with the two new tracks thrown in, “This Kid’s Not Alright” and of course “Some Kind of Joke” that we got to hear last year. If you haven’t caught AWOLNTION’s live show I do really implore you to at least check out some live footage, if not take it on blind faith and just buy a ticket, Aaron won’t disappoint. The sheer volume of AWOLNATION shirts on the backs of EVERY type of person speaks to the power of Aaron’s message: old, young, beautiful, ugly, white, yellow, American, Indian or Japanese, We are all AWOLNATION. We’re all beautiful human beings.

All photos © Kevin Henline-SurfRhythm.com

Aaron Bruno AWOLNATION by SurfRhythm
Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION at the DC 101 Chili Cook-Off

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