Mexican Sharks and Bandits

Looks like traveling down below the border has gotten more dangerous on the land, and in the sea. The Baja crime situation is pretty well known by now, but a recent spate of shark attacks down on mainland Mexico is making authorities scratch their heads.

First they set baited hooks to catch the beast(s) responsible, but d’oh… it happened again. Of course, Mexican tourist officials are probably sweating this one big time, since the occurrences are all at the popular and widely used surf spots outside Acapulco.

Hey Mexico, need a shark solution? Consider Durban’s shark nets (fine, if you must, drumlines too). Now everyone remember, Mexico is a dangerous, dangerous place, where you will be lightened of your wallet by thieving banditos, then lose a much needed limb while in the water*.

*This last point has nothing in it trying to lure anyone away from going just because I’m trying to plan a trip there, sharks be damned!

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