Quik Slashes

Ouch, that is the word that comes to mind upon hearing that Quiksilver is slashing, well, everything but the absolute core of the company.

Perhaps it’s time that this happened. While the global financial crisis hit many smaller companies very hard, the big boys of the surf industry continued to drive onward and upward, with investments in marketing, contests, team, etc. expanding rather than contracting.

The first signal of note that times were a changin’ was Nike’s dissolution from surfing in November, shoeing most of their riders to the Hurley team. Now Quik is keeping nothing but their very top “A” squad. I’d say it’s a pretty sure bet we’ll never see the Quik Pro NY chapter 2. Shame.

There are rumblings in the industry that Billabong will be next. If that happens, the future of the World Tour will be interesting. Will the new media partner, ZoSea, be able to deliver on their promise of modeling pro surfing after the “major” sports without the backing of the big boys in the surf industry?

It’s possible that events could look very different in the future. But in some way, some form, pro surfing will continue to exist. Thrive? Skeptical. But in any case, the waves have been firing. Surf brands, riders, contests, pros… Do they all even matter once you take off? It’ll never be about all that, and all of them. Surfing, that is.

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